Underground Parking

We provide expert concrete repair, whether it is a sidewalk, curb, stairs or parking structure! We handle every project with the same dedication and professionalism. Rest assured, your specifications and requirements are one of our primary concerns.

Service Scope

  • Vehicular Traffic Topping
  • Pedestrian Traffic Topping
  • Concrete Sealer (SOG)
  • Structural Slab Replacement
  • Topside Slab Repair
  • Soffit Slab Repair
  • Through Slab Repair
  • Ledge Beam Repair
  • Shear Wall / Column Repair
  • Foundation Wall & Slab Injection
  • Expansion Joint Repair & Replacement
  • Rout & Seal
  • Painting & Coating
  • Heated Ramps (Glycol & Electric Snow Melt System)
  • Stairwell Repair & Replacement
  • Drain, Catch Basin, and Trench Drain
  • All Mechanical & Electrical Related Works

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